Role: Lead production performance breakthrough

Scope of work: Co-design leadership focus, maintenance and operation teams collaboration to design and activate new systems of working

Grit supported a copper smelter and refinery to deliver a Breakthrough Project with the aim to improve Nickel Evaporator Performance and increase Refinery window for taking in anodes with high Ni content.

A Maintenance Blitz and regular preventative maintenance practices, coupled with operator routines to drive operating discipline were designed and activated to ensure the asset operates in stability. As a result, the window for charging high Nickel concentrate and reverts  increased. Crude Nickel Sulfate Production increased to 27 dmt per month from an average of 20 dmt, Nickel quality improved to 19-20% from 17% average, and evaporator availability significantly increased to 70% from 45%.

Role: Safety Leadership Program

Scope of work: Design and Activate Safety Leadership culture intervention at all levels of the operation.

After a number of critical incidents on site, Grit supported a copper mining, smelter and refinery operation to design and implement a Safety Leadership Intervention.

The Program was designed to create a line in the sand, where leaders adopted a new approach to safety leadership, and were committed to implementing whatever is needed on the ground to effect change. This comprised of SafeLeader workshops to enrol leaders in safety covenants and their role, heavy field coaching content focusing on leadership of safety and personal development as a leader, and the measuring results through establishing baseline performance, tracking progress of each coaching session, and individual and consolidated reporting.

Role: Lead co-design, activation of work systems and culture.

Scope of work: Co-design, activate works systems – existing and new, and build capability in work related systems to improve total performance.

Grit led a re-design of work systems in major mining company to improve mind-set, leadership practices, systems adoption & culture across 15,000 employees.

Redesign focus work of a leader (Core work) for each level – consistent with systems leadership principles. Visual Management, Leader one on ones, Focus Work System, ‘3 in a row’ coaching etc. Support development of client specific systems & roll out. Right Work, Right Role, Right time, link to Safety Leadership program. Coaching Work of the Role for Leadership (Capability Development). Build understanding & capability in the work of leadership & foundation systems that drive accountability, consistency and performance cultures.